Here are pictures of Leonard Nimoy that relate to his music career or are from that period. Many of the photos have seldom been seen. We strived to obtain high quality reproductions; many photos came from 8x10 glossies. A few are of lower resolution, but included for their documentary value.

All the pictures can be clicked on for a larger view in a pop-up window.

The five photos above are from the personal collection of Mark Hahn, head of an original Spock Fan Club: Spock Grokkers. These photos were taken by photographer Mary Ann Cappa in 1968 at the the KCOP Television Studios in Los Angeles, California. You can also see a picture of Mark with Leonard in the b&w "cashier" photo, third row. Thank you Mark for sharing these wonderful photos with us! Here's what Mark had to say about meeting Leonard Nimoy:

"The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins was making the rounds and I decided to have a "birthday party" for Leonard.  I convinced my Social Studies instructor, Mrs Costa, to make a "Hostess Hobbit Hole" cake - and I called his assistant, Teresa Victor to arrange for a birthday party.  It turned out we could see him as he taped a special at KCOP (Los Angeles, Channel 13).  It was a musical special: the Gramophone to Groovy Show - with a new, up-and-coming band: the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. We watched Leonard film "Gentle on My Mind" (as seen in the photographs) and then we met in some part of the staging area."

More about the Gramophone to Groovy Show can be found here. More about Bilbo Baggins can be found here.

Special thanks and appreciation to Edward P. McNally who graciously provided us with the above eight b&w photos from his personal collection of photography as seen at his Robert Harland Perkins Hollywood Memories Website.

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