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The greatest fan letter we could ever receive.

Hello Joe and Darlene:  I appreciate what you've done with the recordings. Not always successful, we tried a number of avenues and occasionally did some work which still makes me feel good.
Those were complicated times and I think the work shows the effort to deal with hope, frustration, loss and love.   Thank you.

My best wishes,
Leonard Nimoy

October 12, 2007


Fan Letters --- Fun Stuff --- Accolades

07.06.2012 "I just want to share two links to the songs I covered from Leonard Nimoy's album The Touch of Leonard Nimoy. I know he didn't write the songs, but when I approached covering the material, I was basing it off of his versions. Although, I cant say I've ever heard any other versions of "I Search For Tomorrow".-D. Sticker

Click to listen: Just Can't Help Believing
Click to listen:
I Search For Tomorrow

10.17.2010 "I firstly wanted to say thank you, thank you so much for sharing maidenwine.com with everyone on the Internet. It is always a great pleasure visiting your site and finding so many goodies on there (I swear I find something I hadn't seen before with each visit!). It truly is THE best Nimoy music website there can be! I especially wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the vast musical catalog you have created, showing the many different versions/formats of the records, 45's, 8 tracks and so forth - it has helped me so much in making my own collection and it is such an excellent reference.

When I first got into his music and came across the site I almost thought I was dreaming. It's such an amazing feeling to know that I'm not the only one who takes his music seriously and has been touched by it. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful website and the work you have done." -J

03.30.2009 "I just discovered your web site accidentally and cannot believe there is a site dedicated to his music.  I think it's great! I met Leonard Nimoy in the summer of 1967 at a department store in New Jersey called Grand Way.  He was there for about an hour to autograph copies of his new LP, Music from Outer Space I think it was called.  I did not have enough money for the album ( I was 14 at the time with a paper route and had limited extra money) but I did buy the single Bilbo Baggins, and the flip side was Cotton Candy.  I still have the record.  So he autographed a slip of paper I had and said "See ya around."  I was a big fan of Star Trek and was really excited that I had actually met him, if only for a few seconds.  Anyway, that was my brief encounter with Leonard Nimoy.  I also remember pretty well Malibu U.  I guess I watched it every week. I remember seeing The Doors on that show also." -C.

01.19.2009 "Such a fortune to find your site. I’m really glad, because I adore Mr. Nimoy since the ´70. Star Trek runs first at the German TV. I have one LP and the "Spaced out" CD, but I would be interested to get the CD-Box or other CD´s, to make my Collection complete. Do you think it would be possible to get? Maybe if you direct DOT-Records to the Market of Europe. Star Trek and specially Mr. Nimoy still have a lot of Fans here. And now the new Star Trek (maybe last - we hope not!) Movie is at the Cinema.... I’m very glad to find new Information’s on your side – I never did know that Mr. Nimoy had a Dog named Brunhilde (its a German name). Also I visit your other Web-sites – really funny and colourful. Specially Darlene´s Page of Candy Wrappers is very funny." -A.D. from Germany

12.03.2008 "Thank you for creating and maintaining a site as beautiful as this. The documentation provided on Leonard is impressive, and the effort to collect material on both, the person and the artist, are worthy of greater respect and admiration." -F.W.

05.19.2008 "Thank you for your efforts in promoting Mr. Nimoy's music. Your official website and [www.MySpace.com] profile are treasures." -R. C.

05.15.2008 "Hi guys, I saw your website about Leonard Nimoy's music. I thought it was great & fun to listen the tracks. I checked out the link to The Candy Wrapper Museum too, good stuff." -J. from Canada

01.27.2008 "I have been enjoying your wonderful website so much for the last few weeks since I discovered it that I finally thought I should write and thank you for the lovely job you have done! I'm rather new to Leonard Nimoy's music - I came across some information about his records some time before I found Maiden Wine, and got the two available CDs ('Mr Spock's Music From Outer Space' and 'Spaced Out') as well as dowloaded some other songs from various places on the Net, and I instantly loved the funny mixture of styles and the wonderful feel of the sixties that is so inherent in them - this is exactly the kind of music that gets even better when it is a few decades old. I only recently got hold of full versions of "Piece of Hope" and "It's Gonna Rain Today" and I just can't get them out of my head! When I first started looking for more information about Leonard Nimoy's musical career, I somehow didn't stumble on Maiden Wine right away, but instead kept getting lost at some dismal places where there wasn't anything really informative but in return the tone was venomous and the writers' opinions so drastically different from mine - it was so clear from what was expressed there that the people completely, dramatically and tragically misunderstood the music, Nimoy's intentions, and first and formost the influence of the times when the music was made on the music itself. I can't tell you what good feeling it was to finally discover your site and read all the fascinating stories and see that there were poeple who saw things in the right perspective, in addition to being so astonishingly knowledgeable about the subject! When I finally squeezed everything I could out of Maiden Wine, I decided I had to see and hear and touch the real things, the original LPs from the sixties and not just the CDs, and two of them are already coming my way from Ebay. I'm going to lie in wait patiently and keep looking out for the good offers, and get the other three too.

I have to say that the music, Leonard Nimoy's voice, the unusual and sometimes eerie arrangements of the songs, together with all the images, fantastic stories, magazine excerpts and the flower power moods and reminiscences on your site - that they all combined quite go to one's head. Nostalgia at its highest and best... The site's design is exquisite, the mood and tone just right, it's all so rich in information, and so funny and entertaining at the same time that it really deserves the highest degree of admiration. I hope that the promised fragments of the radio program celebrating the first anniversary of Maiden Wine will be available soon - I'd love to listen to them. And if that dreamy box-set ever becomes reality, I'll be one of the first to buy it.

Many thanks again for the one-of-a-kind experience" -BM

10.15.2007 In reference to the Miaden Wine Radio show on www.Deaconlight.com:
"I wish I could have listened to more of the webcast. The first 40 minutes or so were great. The variety of the music and the historical depth that you delved into really made the show interesting & entertaining" -S.C.

07.24.2007 "Wow it is so exciting to find the MaidenWine Web site. "Plato's Stepchildren" has always been a fave with its memorable performance of Spock's moving musical lament about women taking advantage of men's vulnerability.

I do have an early Leonard Nimoy album on cassette, but I don't think anything will evoke the emotion and pathos evoked when Spock sings...Ahh-ah-ah-ah, bitter dregs. I was just singing that to Hubby a few days ago as my bottle of red wine ran out...!" -D.D.

07.15.2007 "Ever since I started to watch Star Trek as a small kid in Australia (extremely popular in OZ), I was amazed at the LOGICS of Mr. Spock. I'm really glad I found this site and was added on the Maiden Wine myspace page. I'm very interested in Mr. Nimoy's musical career because I discovered he sang and played the guitar only 2 years ago!!! What a pleasant surprise for my good vibe mind." -R.C.

04.22.2007 "I was just perusing MaidenWine.com and I'm really thankful to have such a great resource out there. I came across his music by chance as a sort of lark years ago, but when I found my old cassettes and gave them a listen I was really taken aback at how honest his delivery is and how comforting his voice sounds. Since then I've been trying to get what I can where I can but it's hard to find. I'm a musician myself and I keep trying to sneak at least a verse or two into our concerts (last week I gave a few lines of 'Cotton Candy' a go and made sure they played his version of 'I Walk The Line' after our show)." -N.

03.21.2007 "Here's a story you might get a kick out of hearing. In the '80s I used to help do a college radio show here in Los Angeles. Between the three of us who used to do it, we had four Leonard albums (and The New World on tape), and we ALWAYS brought them to the studio to play one or two each week. Live bands used to play in the studio, and one week a young lady in one band was checking out my copy of The Touch Of, and then looked up and said, "My dad engineered this album." She said that her dad co-owned the studio with the other guy (Thorne). It was a 16-track studio in a converted garage in the backyard (I forget whose). She also said that a framed copy of the photo on the back cover of The Touch Of was still hanging on the wall.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Years later I tried to contact her to see if she could arrange an interview, and I contacted a couple of people who had mutual friends, but no luck. Oh, the stories he could tell...!

Anyway, thanks for the add, as they say in myspaceland. I'm sending some friends your way. Good luck on getting that boxed set happening!

Livin' in the love of the common people." -R.D.

03.20.2007 "Nice site, I'm glad there are some people out there who see Leonard Nimoy as not just Spock." -G.N.

02.11.2007 "I have been perusing your site for the better part of two weeks. It has been an utterly delightful and hilarious experience! It has been such a unique pleasure to be able to view such a plethora of rare Nimoy images, as well as to view the records, nay, the LABELS of the records, front and back. Such attention to Nimoy minutiae is so rarely found, and you two have managed to boil the ephemera down to items from the classic series, which is fabulous. ...Above all, this site seems to have struck the correct tone of tribute, which hovers between reverence and clinical examination. Cheers to your worthwhile endeavor, it is certainly well received. ...Long live singing Vulcans in togas!!!" -J.S.

02.05.2007 "Thank you for doing this site on Mr. Nimoy. I feel his music is a quality many are not aware of. Its great to see it supported as it should be. Nice to see others appreciating him. Beautiful looking site as informative.The mobile from "Two Sides of..." is fantastic. I would be surprised if there is even another like it on the planet." -R.K.

12.28.2006 "I love your groovy far out Leonard Nimoy site." -E.F.

11.24.2006 "I too have dreamt of that very box set for years…all card sleeves set out like awesome LP replica’s…I can’t imagine there would be much rare and bonus stuff to be had, I’d just settle for the songs, seeing as I can't get a decent vinyl transfer of the missing titles…Dick dale is another artist who’s records you cant get in there original form…oh and Glen Campbell! Nice site, I heard some songs for the first time, it was a real treat." -J.B.

11.23.2006 "Your website is taking the trek world by storm-I keep hearing about it (and directing people to it) on all sorts of TOS boards. Keep up the great work!" -G.S.H.

11.18.2006 "You have the most amazing Leonard Nimoy site I have ever seen. It's incredible. I love the box set art. I would buy it in a heartbeat." -A.H.

11.13.2006 "Amazing Nimoy website, best I have seen." -F.S.

10.29.2006 "Compliments on a literate and well-constructed site devoted to a lesser-known side of Leonard Nimoy, with nicely arrayed photos, news clippings, and musical snippets. A musical career that catalyzed his artistic and humanitarian growth is worth cataloging, even if the music itself occasionally stalls. Still, the optimism in Nimoy's music serves as positive cultural influence that is worthy of a complete album compilation, so hopefully it will happen some day. Maidenwine.com is an intoxicating concoction for Nimoy fans and leaves no bitter dregs." -S.C.

10.20.2006 "I am so digging this site and am telling everybody I know. There are few famous people who are just born cool: Miles Davis, James Joyce, Jimi Hendrix. Leonard Nimoy is among them. I remember my parents talking about him saying, "Leonard Nimoy is one clean cat." I've got a few Nimoy songs on my play list and I groove to his chocolate voice on my way to work." -F.C.

10.19.2006 "I remember listening to Nimoy's music years ago. Some of it might be considered genius, or at least an expression of civility worth remembering." -C.J.L.

10.19.2006 "I spent the morning on your site and it's truly great. Complete, definitive and enjoyable to read. I hope the boxed set becomes a reality." -V.V.

10.18.2006 "We spent hours at the maiden wine site - never before has there been such a comprehensive cornucopia of Nimoy classics! We’ve finally given up following the Dead (where has Jerry been these last eleven years???) and are now following the Leonard. Of all the Nimoy tribute sites, this one’s definitely our favorite - you’ve been bookmarked!" -K.C.

10.17.2006 "Mere mortal websites do not do justice to "Maiden Wine". Joe and Darlene's homage to the pointed eared one is RIGHTEOUS in its scope, its detail and its dedication. Maiden Wine is the END ALL-BE ALL, of Nimoy music sites. This is no "In Search Of," this is the real deal! Great job!" -L.W.

10.16.2006 "The site is the final word on the work of Nimoy. It is stylish and tight. Great Job! By the way, I find, Mr. Nimoy's work is best contemplated, but if you must dance, either the frugue or the Batman dance steps are recommended." -D.H.

10.16.2006 "LOVE the new website, you and Darlene have done a beautiful and thorough job! Nimoy would be proud. Never knew there was so much stuff on him..." -D.G.

10.15.2006 "What a great website!! I have always liked Mr. Nimoy, but I must say I have never heard all of his musical works, just the early ones. I must admit to being more "into" Ironbutterfly and Joplin and Hendricks than anyone else, that is unless you count the Stones, Doors, Led Zepplin, ZZ Top, ah well!, that was then.
Good job! I hope Mr. Nimoy sees the website and appreciates the hours of research and work that went into the production. Again, a wonderful presentation." -S.S.


Fan Letters --- Fun Stuff --- Accolades

Maiden Wine visitor, Rob Klein sent us some great photos! At first we were a bit confused. Could these CD's he included be bootleg outakes from lost Leonard Nimoy recording sessions? Did DeForest Kelley actually record an album with cover versions of Muskrat Love and a spoken word rendition of Something? Did we stumble across a truly amazing and rare find? The answer is, unfortunatley...no. But, what we did find were some very funny fictious albums and someone who truly appreciates the music of Leonard Nimoy! Rob's comments on his creations are below.

"Butterscotch Kisses" is a fun fake CD we made for our Nimoy display. We still laugh at the track selections we made up: Smiles for Jeffery and The Potatoe are my personal favorites, I wish I could hear those."

"When I showed "I'm Here For You" to Mr. Kelley he laughed and got a big kick out if it.We showed it to him shortly before he passed away, he laughed and commented on the picture we chose for the cover which was a denem jeans ad he did in the early 70s. I said since Shatner and Nimoy had an LP we thought this is what your LP would have looked like if you had one."

Rob Klein is a pop culture historian who has written for Star Trek magazine and works often with The Walt Disney Company. Additionally, Rob is working on a documentary called Movieland Wax Museum, with Daniel Roebuck, where rare footage featuring Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley and Roddenberry dedicating the Star Trek exhibit at Movieland in 1974 will be premiering for the first time.

Left: A shrine to greatness: "The Magic of Nimoy"

Click pictures for larger views

"Butterscotch Kisses", "I'm Here For You" and "The Magic of Nimoy" are from the personal collection of Rob Klein and Jennifer Smith.

Fan Letters --- Fun Stuff --- Accolades

Fan Letters --- Fun Stuff --- Accolades

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