Since "The New World", many of his songs have been repackaged and reissued, and some of his LPs have been reissued as CDs. It is more than likely that Nimoy was unaware of these reissues or had anything to do with them. When Rhino Records released "Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing Off" in 1992, this triggered a renewed interest in Nimoy's music, primarily for its camp value. However, although this four-CD series was intended mostly for laughs, many of its fans found it to be greatly entertaining and highly listenable, and they found themselves wanting to hear more from these performers.

That's how I first became familiar with Nimoy's music. Then, after hearing his albums, I became impressed with how enjoyable they are. There has been a certain amount of Nimoy-bashing on the Internet, much of which I consider unfounded because it doesn't take into account the context of the sixties when these albums were produced. And, as Nimoy said, he is not Sinatra, but he does have a distinctive voice with considerable character, and I believe it is that voice, un-doctored through ProTools sweetening or subbed in by ghost singers (as we now hear with so many artists) that people wanted to hear. Although the records may not be for everybody, they are quite listenable, especially if you can appreciate music from a period other than today.

One of the reasons for creating this website is to promote the idea of re-releasing his original five albums as a boxed set. Considering that many of Nimoy's recordings are currently not available in digital form, it would be nice to see his body of music preserved and remastered onto CDs. People worldwide still love, admire and enjoy the work of Leonard Nimoy, and it would be in essence a great time capsule, capturing both the spirit of the times and the spirit of the man who sang about them.

Essay by Darlene Lacey
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