Released in 1969, Nimoy's next album, "The Touch of Leonard Nimoy" is probably his most realized in expressing his personal vision. For the first time, he composed a number of songs on the album, writing Piece of Hope (named the standout track on the album by Billboard Magazine) and Maiden Wine (sung by Spock in the third season Star Trek episode, Plato's Stepchildren). He also co-wrote the narrative Contact (the only Spock-influenced track on this album) and the song The Man I Would Like To Be with George Tipton.

Grean is still producing, but this time neither he nor Cy Coben contribute any compositions to this album. It would appear as though Nimoy and Tipton were given the green light to largely shape the recording.

Tipton, another music, movie and television veteran, has served as composer, conductor and arranger for dozens of TV series and movies, including "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" and "The Love Boat". Among his many accomplishments, he played a significant role in crafting the surf sound of the sixties, working extensively, mostly as an arranger, with the Ventures and Jan & Dean.

Tipton also had a close musical connection to Harry Nilsson, composing music for Nilsson's fondly-remembered animated TV movie, "The Point", and serving as conductor and arranger of Nilsson's 1969 hit, Everybody's Talkin'. Tipton arranged and conducted all the tracks on "The Touch", creating a smooth, warm sound to compliment Nimoy's vocalizations.

Aside from his original compositions, Nimoy also covers some popular ballads of the day: Just Can't Help Believin' and Randy Newman's I Think It's Gonna Rain Today, as well as the perennial classic, Nature Boy. The result is an album that covers a span of philosophies, moods, and themes of time, with Nimoy expressing himself as the thinking man and activist that we have known him to be throughout the course of his life as a public figure.

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