Dot Records capitalized on Nimoy's popularity by releasing his third album, "The Way I Feel" in late 1968, the same year "Two Sides" was released. This recording left no doubt who the fans wanted to hear: Leonard Nimoy, the man, the musician with human feelings. The only allusion to Spock on the cover is a small cameo in the corner of a mod collage of images presumably capturing Nimoy's influences, experiences, philosophies and loves.

There are two musical nods to Spock on the record, the highly-philosophical Where It's At and Consilium, one apiece on each side. Grean once again is at the helm, producing the album, but on this recording he shares arranger credit with three others, including George Aliceson Tipton, who would play a major role on Nimoy's next recording, "The Touch of Leonard Nimoy".

Grean arranged some of the less folk-inspired tracks as well as the both the Spock songs, one of which was penned by Grean and Nimoy (Consilium) and the other (Where It's At) written by Cy Coben, who was also responsible for Alien and The Difference Between Us on the first two albums. Incidentally, Cy Coben (who co-wrote the humorous hit, The Billboard Song, with Grean) was another music industry heavy hitter; not a household name, but a man who was one of America's most prolific songwriters whose works were recorded by Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore, Eddie Cantor, Rosemary Clooney, Hoagy Carmichael, Hank Snow, Bill Monroe, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and the early Beatles.

The remainder of record is largely comprised of covers of folk-tinged contemporary standards (Sunny, Both Sides Now) as well as one other Nimoy composition, Please Don't Try to Change Mind, a breezy, solid pop tune. Although the album features a variety of styles, it fits together as a cohesive piece, allowing Nimoy to provide listeners with a range of musical experiences.

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