As Nimoy described in his interview, the first album, "Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space", was largely comprised of kicky, mod arrangements of Star Trek and space-themed songs, opening with a hip adaptation of the Theme from 'Star Trek'. They even added a Space Age twist to a pop standard in Music to Watch Space Girls By. On his cuts, Nimoy primarily portrays the wise, contemplative Spock, although he steps out that constraint by singing a love song from Oliver. Coincidentally, the album also forecasts the next step in his acting career by including an arrangement of Mission: Impossible (the show being another Paramount production). Nimoy shared writing credit with Grean and Fred Hertz on one "Spock" song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Earth. Engineered by the legendary Bob Liftin, owner of Regent Sound Studios, the album had all the ingredients to become a hit.

The album did indeed become a top seller, charting on Billboard at #83, and Nimoy's already huge popularity soared even more. According to his memoir, "I Am Spock", he once signed over eight thousand autographs in one sitting during his record tour. He was receiving over two thousand fan letters a week, a situation that got out of hand when 16 Magazine gave out his home address in its April 1967 issue. Nimoy writes:

...I hadn't seen the article, but realized what had happened after a flood of mail started coming to the house. After a few days, the postman refused to deliver the mail because there was so much of it; the post office finally hauled it to us by truck, and for weeks we lived with a literal mountain of mail in the living room, sometimes so high that it was taller than I was. And then there was the occasional young fan skulking about the shrubbery, hoping to catch a glimpse of me coming or going...

Always the trouper, Nimoy appears with his family "having a ball" opening fan mail in the November '67 issue of 16, capped off with a pointed P.S. that directs fans to send letters to NBC Studios in Burbank rather than his home address.

The 16 pieces were among many gushing articles such as "Leonard Nimoy for President! Would You Vote For Him?". This article was based upon a supposed private visit via helicopter to meet with then-New York governor, Nelson Rockefeller, an event Nimoy said never even happened. He also participated in teen magazine promotions, sang on variety shows, and made public appearances, signing autographs for his multitude of adoring fans.

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