Years in the making, but well worth the wait! was officially released to the world on October 15, 2006.

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Joe Lacey is a freelance illustrator whose work has been seen on children's toys, books, interactive games, magazines and packaging all around the world. He also specializes in sci-fi themed imagery. His award-winning artwork is featured in international publications and personal collections throughout America and Europe. He holds an MFA in illustration from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. See his website for samples of his art.

Darlene Lacey is a freelance writer, editor, and script adapter. Over the years, she has also designed and produced a number of popular arcade, computer, and videogames and has designed for artificial intelligence and adaptive learning systems. As a lifetime labor of love, she maintains, as curator, The Candy Wrapper Museum. The Musical Touch of Leonard Nimoy is her first online collaboration with Joe Lacey, with more soon to come.

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