Promotional Records

It was common practice in the recording industry to release promotional and demo pressings of LPs and 45s, as well as press packets promoting the label's artists to radio stations. This page is a collection of some of these items. It is difficult to speculate about how many variations exist of these types of ephemera. Items range from LPs with stickers placed on the front recommending songs to play to differently printed logos and covers.

Promotional Test Pressings

The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy
Mono Test Pressing 3910
Monarch Record Mfg. Co.
Los Angeles, CA
Year Released:1969

Here we have a super-rare test pressing of The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy LP. Upon listening, it appears to have no variations to that of the original album, other than it is in mono and not stereo.

Test pressing are vinyl copies pressed for those involved with the recording to approve the sound quality before the actual records are mass produced.

These records should not be confused with promotional white lable records and audition pressings (see below). Promotional records are mass prduced and distributed to radio and television stations, but in limited quantities. They are fairly easy to obtain. Actual test pressing as seen here on the left, are not massed produced.

Tracks include:

1. I Search For Tomorrow
2. Maiden Wine
3. Now's The Time
4. Cycles
5. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today

1. I Just Can't Help Believin'
2. Nature Boy
3. Contact
4. The Man I Would Like To Be
5. A Trip To Nowhere
6. Piece Of Hope

45 RPM Promotional and Audition Copies

45rpm Audition Copies were pressed and sent to radio and television stations to promote both the song and the artist. From 1967-68, Dot Records used the older logo and labels printed soley in black and white. From 1969-70, Dot began using a more contemporary logo and printing in black and red. These later audition copies also had a large black star printed on one side of the record to indicate the "A" side.

Visit To A Sad Planet b/w
Theme From "Star Trek"

Dot Records 1967 white label

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The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Cotton Candy (On A Summer Day)

Dot Records 1968 white label

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Here We Go 'Round Again
b/w Consilium

Dot Records 1969 white star label

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I'd Love Making Love To You b/w
Please Don't Try To Change My Mind

Dot Records 1969 white star label

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Time To Get It Together b/w
The Sun Will Rise

Dot Records 1970 white 'star' label

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U.S.A. Government Radio Releases
Voices Of Vista
# 146
Office Of Economic Opportunity
By M. A. Mangum, Inc.
Year Released:1968

A government sponsored radio show promoting VISTA, Volunteers In Service To America, people working against poverty. Hosted by Gene Klavan. This LP has a fun interview with Nimoy about his new release on Dot Records, as well as his previous LPs. It also features five songs from the LP, The Way I Feel. All VISTA LPs released in blank sleeve covers.

Running Time: 23:50

Tracks include:
I'd Love Making Love To You
Here We Go 'Round Again
If I Had A Hammer

Vista Intro

Vista Outro

Voices Of Vista
GXTV 221137
Office Of Economic Opportunity
By M. A. Mangum, Inc.
Year Released:1968

This record has three radio promo spots recorded by Leonard Nimoy. One 60 second spot on Side A and two 30 second spots on side B. This set and the one above also includes interviews and spots by William Shatner. Shatner aslo did a full VISTA interview, show #147.

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1 min. spot from Side 1

30 sec. spot 'A' from Side 2

30 sec. spot 'B' from Side 2

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service:
Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outerspace
Armed Forces Informataion & Education Department Of Defense
Station Library
Year Released:1967

These government issued LPs featured selected songs from Nimoy's first album. The records were released with blank sleeve covers to military radio stations, often mixing different performers on the same record. Side two of this LP is Between The Two: The Piano and Organ of Mike Melvoin.

This is a good place to note that Leonard Nimoy served in the U.S. Army Reserve, receiving final discharge in November 1955 as a Sergeant.

Tracks include:
1. Theme From 'Star Trek'
2. Alien
3. Music To Watch Space Girls By
4. Beyond Antares
5. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth
6. Lost In The Stars
7. Where No Man Has Gone Before

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service:
The Way I Feel
Office of Information For The Armed Forces Department Of Defense
Year Released:1968

The second government LP to feature Nimoy's Songs. This time it's six tracks from The Way I Feel. Side two consists of six tracks by Glenn Yarbrough and Rod McKuen.

We estimate that the release date for these government issues coincide with the release dates of the original Nimoy LPs as each label is different.

Tracks include:
1. Sunny
2. Where It's At
3. Both Sides Now
4. Here We Go 'Round Again
5. It's Getting Better
6. Love Is Sweeter

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service:
The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy

Office of Information For The Armed Forces
Armed Forces Radio And Television Service, Los Angeles
Year Released:1969

The government has spent your tax dollars wisely and has stepped up to a two color label for the third release of songs from The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy! And dig that groovy "AFRTS" logo! This time Nimoy shares his side with Harry Sonoda. Side two has six tracks from The Best Of Dean Martin. These records give a new definition to the "Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy".

Tracks include:
1. Now's The Time
2. Cycles
3. The Man I Would Like To Be

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